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Have you ever lost your keys to your car?

Start by thinking back to the last time you saw them. Then, retrace your steps.


This will allow you to narrow down your search to the most likely places to return results. This is a missing set.

Instead of running around in your neighbor’s yard looking for what they might be looking for, look around your kitchen and into your jacket pockets. There’s a much greater chance that you will find what you are looking for.

In 2019, my daughter and I went to her hip-hop dance lessons. Then, as we do every night, she and I had dinner together. We had ribs and all the fixings because she wanted them.

My credit card was lost.

After going through my wallet three more times, feeling like I was on a late-night snack run and standing in front of the open fridge, I started to panic. I called my wife to ask if she had borrowed the card for any reason, but she didn’t. So I began to recall the last time I used the card… Yesterday morning to purchase breakfast. Yes. What about lunch? The wife paid for it. The card wasn’t returned after that, so I didn’t know where it was. I was fortunate to have some cash leftover from a business trip, so I paid the bill. The search continued.

Searching online is something we are all familiar with., the Google app, and a Voice Assistant device at your home are all part of our daily lives. Google is the best way to find out the answer to a question.

Search works in the same way when we search for something on Twitter. Many of us have used Twitter to search for others or entered a hashtag to see which tweets came up.

There are many things you can do if you have the proper knowledge.

Twitter’s search engine has several Operators and Filters that allow you to create powerful, refined searches that provide the exact information and results you are looking for. Your Twitter searches can be limited to provide only the relevant results, just like you can retrace your steps back to where you last saw your keys.

Operators are Boolean logic parameters that tell Twitter how to treat keywords entered. Without knowing it, you have probably used at least one Boolean Operator.

Twitter filters allow you to limit the search results to exclude or include specific types of tweets.

If you use the AND operator to start a Twitter search with two or more words by default, it will be called “election results.” By entering election results, you will see all the tweets with those words.

Let’s say you want to only see tweets about election results. You can put quotes around the phrase you are searching for, such as “election results,” and it will return only tweets that contain both of those words (the exact phrase) that you entered. This is known as a detailed match search.

Let’s say you want to see tweets that contain “election results,” but not those about Senate races. All tweets containing that word can be removed by adding the operator minus to the search. This example would show you how to search for “election results.”

You’ve probably already used the hashtag (#) and at sign (@), preceded by hashtagged keywords or Twitter usernames.

You might also be interested in three additional filters. These are the ways you can view search results by specific Twitter users. To see only tweets sent to a particular username, you can use the filter from: You can use the list: filter to filter your search results to only show tweets from that Twitter list. The filter will show you only tweets that are in response to this profile.

Let’s say you want to find out how often a competitor speaks about a topic within your industry. You could use the filter from:[username] to do a Twitter search on the topic to see their tweets.

It’s genius, but no?

Twitter also offers various filters that allow you to sort your search results by type of tweets.

  • To remove potentially sensitive tweets, you can add filter: safe
  • Filter: media can be used to limit the visibility of tweets that contain images or videos.
  • To remove retweets, you can add -filter. retweets
  • Filter:native_video can be added to Periscope videos, uploaded videos, or Vines.
  • Filter: periscope can be added to Periscope videos.
  • Filter: vine can be added to limit the view of Vines.
  • To see only tweets that contain images, you can add a filter: images
  • Filter: links can be added to search results so that only links are displayed.

To limit your search to tweets that contain “amazon,” you can use url: amazon. You can replace “amazon” with any word or domain in the URL.

You can filter your results only to show recent tweets or older tweets. To see only tweets sent after January 1, 2020, you can use the since/or until filters.

A question mark can be added (?). You can add a question mark (?) to limit the view to tweets asking a question. Another fun filter is to add a smiley or sad face to restrict what you see.


You can search for:

Netflix recommendation -scary

You can refine your search by restricting the search results to a specific area (or location) – enter the coordinates (latitude/longitude, which you can find on Google Maps), and then add a radius around the specified area.

You can, for example, enter the following geo coordinates 48.865084 and 2.357764, with a radius of 20.

You can also pre-fill the coordinates to match your current location. This can be helpful if you are not at the exact location of your business but still want to search for it.

Last but not least, the result tweets that you enter using words will almost always be in the same language as that word. A search for tweets that start with “Hello,” for example, will most likely return tweets in English, while a search that ends with “Ciao” will show tweets mainly in Italian. You can, however, filter the lang: filter to see only tweets in that language. Add your preferred two-letter code (e.g., lang: it for Italian).

Cadence and I got in our car to go home after paying for dinner with the cash I had. At that moment, she told me she had taken my credit card from my wallet in a joke. At eight years old, she believed me and was relieved to find my card was not lost. Any search parameters or filters would not have seen this card.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and will use them to improve your Twitter search results. You can save any search you make for Twitter in Agorapulse as a saved search to allow continuous Listening. Imagine creating the perfect search to bring up critical conversations with customers in your target area. Save the search in Agorapulse, and then check your Inbox to see new tweets. This is a treasure trove of business opportunities.

Cheers! Mike

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Enjoy a Holiday Drink with a Twist

Since I was born, I have enjoyed homemade eggnog every year during holidays. I even wrote about my childhood memories of my grandmother, her sister, and their scheming, hovering over the mysterious, creamy brew.

Traditional eggnog uses a lot of whole milk, which is not suitable for everyone. You might be lactose intolerant or have allergies to cow’s milk. I decided to try an alternative method. Vanilla almond milk is something I love in smoothies, so I decided to try it as an alternative.

It worked great.

Because my family isn’t a fan of sweet things, and the almond milk I bought was already sweetened, I reduced the sugar by half. I ended up messing around with it, adding more brandy, almond milk, and vanilla. I probably should have used twice as many eggs. You can follow the link above to make almond milk substitutes for regular milk.

You might need spare parts and a few extras.

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Marketing Hyperdrive will be away for the next few weeks while I spend the holidays with my family and finish the podcast. We’ll be seeing each other again in the New Year unless something else happens. All the best for your holiday season!

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